Introducing zenith80

Support your favourite clubs & organizations in a new and fun way.
Zenith80 is a unique multi-player trivia quiz concept, hosted by clubs & organizations, for their members and fans, modern and easy to use, based on skills and knowledge.
A refreshed quiz experience, where 80% of each turnover is allocated to your favorite club/organization.

Zenith80 is passionate about sports and culture

We see our concept as a support for clubs and organizations in their day to day marketing, happenings and financial challenges. We offer a modern, digital concept that is easy to use and which gives the end user a pleasant experience, a competition moment and a proud feeling to have contributed positively to the club’s financies. Compete in a fun way with friends and fans – played anytime, from anywhere.

Zenith80 - 80 for your club

Every trivia quiz you attend, 80% ot the participants fee is allocated to the club/organization hosting the quiz. Choose your favorite club – or any organization running a Zenith80 quiz…

Born out of the passion to help

Zenith80 has created and developed a unique trivia quiz concept, aimed to support your favorite club/organization. You learn by competing, you contribute to increased fellowship and you support your favourite club/organization's marketing and happenings.

How it works

Your club is easily creating and hosting their own trivia quiz, voluntarily choosing theme and purpose for the quiz.

Each trivia quiz consists of 6 rounds with 3 questions each. Each round represents one subject category like rock music, geography, sports, etc. The 3 questions have 4 answer alternatives with one correct.

After answering each question you will see the correct answer and at the end of the tournament you will again see points and the list with all your questions and answers.

The host starts the trivia quiz at specified date and time and all the participants join at the same time. The score is shown after each round, as well as your ranking.

Get started with zenith80!

Have a pleasant experience, a competition moment - digitally, wherever you are - and a proud feeling to have contributed positively to your club’s new happenings, development and financies!

Trivia manual

Any time, anywhere!

You can participate in any zenith80 trivia quiz competition anywhere in Sweden, hosted by the club/organization you choose, at the time announced by the host.
Compete with other members, relatives, friends and fans - wherever you are!

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Worldzenith Sweden AB

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